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Dance Teaching Philosophy 

My teaching philosophy is rooted in an experimental approach to pedagogy that looks at the learning space as a critically charged space. I welcome the “whole student” as full-bodied, individuals with a history, heritage and standpoint that can contribute collectively to the creation of new knowledge systems.

I see myself as an Activist-Practitioner- as someone who sees the linkage of both the personal and the political. I am devoted to molding students to see that those things are not separate from each other. I’m most interested in examining the dynamism of race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality through a socio-political standpoint. Placing these categories of difference in the seat of the conversation, it will elevate the discourse to a more critical lens that will allow every one to participate, speaking from their own lived experience, while also engaging with others.

I am firmly grounded in the theories of intersectionality, which brings all of these topics (race, ethnicity, gender sexuality) into conversation with one another.

It allows for a pedagogy of equity, where all voices and honored, examined and affirmed.

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